SPP SPb Public Organization

The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers) of St. Petersburg was founded in 1990.  

The Union includes enterprises and organizations in the sphere of industry, construction, science, transport and communications of various forms of ownership; cultural, educational, and health care establishments; mass media; banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies and other Russian and foreign commercial structures.  Sectoral associations, holdings and concerns act as collective members of the Union.

Companies and enterprises, which are members of the Union, contribute over 85% of the total output of industrial production, construction projects, scientific research, transportation and urban development services.

The Union is a regional public organization, which consolidates and coordinates individuals and legal entities in the process of economic reform, and focuses on active policy in industry, science and technology.

The OO SPP SPb has over 250 permanent members, including:

  • Collective members: unions and associations (for instance, Association of Industrial Enterprises, Union of Food Industry Enterprises, Leningrad Association of Project Organizations, St.Petersburg Union of Entrepreneurs, Union of Transport Entrepreneurs, Association of St.Petersburg Jewelers, etc.).
  • Corporations, concerns and holdings (Kirovsky Plant, Leninets Plant, Izhorskie Zavody Corp., Ptitseprom, etc.), industrial and research organizations, construction companies and institutions of higher education.
  • Entrepreneurships in addition to members of the Union of Entrepreneurs, trade, insurance, consulting and auditing companies and commercial banks.
  • Various large organizations (Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Finno-Russian Chamber of Commerce, St.Petersburg Telephone Company, Northwestern Customs Office, Maritime Register of Shipping, Northwestern Shipping Lines, Oktyabrskaya Railway, LenExpo, Restec, ITAR-TASS, and others).