SPP SPb Regional Employer Union

Dear Colleagues,

Please apply for membership of your company or enterprise in the Regional Employer Union -"St. Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs" (ROR SPP SPb), which was created in accordance with Federal Law "On Employer Unions", No. 156-ФЗ dd. 27/11/2002, which was entered into the Register of Legal Entities on August 13, 2007, under Registration
No. 1077800026985.

The meeting of the board of ROR SPP SPb on 12/07/2007 elected A.A. Turchak to serve as president of ROR SPP SPb, and V.N. Ivanov as first Vice-President, who will also serve as the General Director of the Executive Directorate.

ROR SPP SPb is a member of the All-Russian Union of Employers, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Registration No. 163.04.78, date of admission 11/12/2007).

On January 24, 2008, the President of ROR SPP SPb A.A. Turchak signed a Tri-Party Agreement of St. Petersburg for 2008-2011.

Since the last letter to you (No. 308 dd. 16/11/2007), as of 13/05/2008 some 146 enterprises and organizations applied for membership in ROR SPP SPb and provided all the necessary documents.  Most of these enterprises were entered into the Register of Members of ROR SPP SPb, and awarded special certificates.

On April 17, 2008, a general meeting of members of ROR SPP SPb took place in Smolny.  The participants elected the new Presidium, Ways and Means Committee, approved internal normative documents of ROR SPP SPb and issued a statement, which focused, among other issues, on increasing the membership in ROR SPP SPb and a joint system for employer unions in the city.

New members can be admitted to ROR SPP SPb upon a written application to the Presidium of ROR SPP SPb (see Join the Union section).

OO SPP SPb continues to function as a public organization with a broader range of goals and to provide industrialists and entrepreneurs with all necessary ties to various civil society institutions.  Parallel functioning of ROR SPP SPb and OO SPP SPb, as provided for by modern Russian legislation, allows all the goals and objectives to be implemented fully, as stated back in 1990 when the Leningrad Association of Industrial, Construction, Science, Transport and Communication Enterprises was first formed.

Please advise the Executive Directorate as soon as possible on your membership in ROR SPP SPb and the date of submission of all the required documents and applications.

V. N. Ivanov

First Vice President

General Director

15/05/2008      Letter No. 145