Union Activities


Summary of Activities of the Members of Unions, Presidiums, Executive Directorates of Public Organization - St. Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers), and Regional Employer Association - St. Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in the period from February 15 to March 27, 2008.

1. Joint Sessions of Presidiums of OO SPP SPb and ROR SPP SPb, discussion of the following issues:

The state of affairs and prospects of the insurance industry as an important sector of economy, and issues in effective insurance policy on enterprises;

On organizing the efforts of SPP SPb to carry out the order of the Government of St. Petersburg dd. 23/01/2008 "On Comprehensive Innovative Policy Events in St. Petersburg in 2008-2011";

On programs of developing the system of initial professional education of St. Petersburg in 2008-2010 to provide qualified workforce for key sectors of city economy.

2. Members of of OO SPP SPb and ROR SPP SPb participated in:

Three sessions of the St. Petersburg Government, discussing the following issues:

  • results of social and economic development of St.Petersburg in 2007;
  • implementation of the Accessible and Comfortable Housing National Project;
  • preparation for celebrations of the 65th anniversary of full lifting of the Siege of Leningrad and WWII Victory Day;
  • reserving historical and cultural traditions of St.Petersburg;
  • results of the presidential election campaign in St.Petersburg;
  • changes in the General Plan of St.Petersburg;
  • organizing children's camps and health camps for children and youth in St.Petersburg;
  • implementing the Physical Education development program in St.Petersburg in 2007;
  • providing subsidies to the "Shops Next Door" programs;
  • budgetary investments into major city projects;
  • St.Petersburg Technical Fair: opening ceremony, plenary sessions, a number seminars and round-table discussion, award ceremony of Best Young Machine Building Specialist prize;
  • Methodological Session on Priority Development Zones in order to promote sustainable development of constituent regions of the Russian Federation, within the framework of the amended Conceptual Program of Long-Term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation through 2020 (Office of the Plenipotentiary Envoy of the President of the Russian Federation in the Northwestern Federal District, A.A. Turchak);
  • Session of the Presidium of the St.Petersburg Public Council (Council Room,
    A.A. Turchak);
  • Session of St.Petersburg Public Council dedicated to the Youth Award Prize (Column Hall of Smolny, A.A. Turchak);
  • Meeting on Implementation of the Pre-Service and In-Service Training program for Hi-Tech Industry branches in St.Petersburg in 2007 (LETI University, A.N. Mezhevich);
  • Press conference on industrial output results in 2007 (RosBalt Agency, A.I. Sergeev,
    V.N. Ivanov);
  • Opening of the St.Petersburg Employment Consulting Center (Kirovsky District Employment Consulting Center, A.A. Turchak, E.O. Gasparian);
  • Consulting Group meeting on assisting voting stations during preparation for the elections of the President of the Russian Federation in St.Petersburg (A.A. Turchak, V.N. Ivanov);
  • Work of the Public Council of Small Business Development (SPb TPP, V.A. Valentik);
  • Seminar on Corporate Information Systems for Enterprises and Organizations of St.Petersburg (Smolny, V.P. Masalov);
  • Meeting of St.Petersburg Regional Committee for Quality Management (Test-St.Petersburg Federal State Enterprise, V.N. Ivanov);
  • St.Petersburg Government Committee for Development of Entrepreneurship (Smolny,
    V.N. Ivanov);
  • Working Session on the Program of Development of Initial Vocational Education in 2008-2010 (Smolny, A.A. Turchak);
  • Work of Legal Committee of Russian North-West Parliamentary Association (St.Petersburg Legislative Assembly, V.E. Rutstein);
  • Meeting of the Constitutional Court, entitled "Forming Positive Image of Russia: Potential of Exhibitions, Congresses and Worldwide Events" (LenExpo, A.A. Turchak);
  • Meeting of the Expert Council of Interdepartmental Committee for Economic Security (Committee for Economic Development, Support of Entrepreneurship and Trade,
    V.P. Masalov);

3. International Activities:

  • A meeting with the delegation of the Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, headed by V. Y. Mikhailov, General Secretary, and member of the World Council of the International Chamber of Commerce (executive directorate of the St.Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, V. N. Ivanov, V.A. Valentik);
  • A meeting with the delegation of top managers of CO.CI.F. Co. (Forli, Italy), a wood processing company (executive directorate of the St.Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, V.N. Ivanov, M.A. Lobin, V.A. Valentik).

4. Organized Meetings:

  • With HR Directors, of OAO Admiralteiskie Verfi (V.N. Dronov), OAO Silovye Mashiny - Electrosila (V.A. Kunshenko), OAO Kirovsky Zavod (A.N. Isaev), FGUP Peterburgsky Metropoliten (E.P. Stepanova), FGUP Vodokanal St.Petersburg (A.N. Kinebas) - discussion of young professionals' training for St.Petersburg enterprises;
  • With managers of the energy sector, OAO Silovye Mashiny, OAO Lenenergo, OAO Territorial Generating Company No. 1, OAO St.Petersburg Sales Company, on preparation of the meeting on participation of St.Petersburg enterprises in RAO UES Russia investment program.

5. Staff of the Executive Directorate participated in 39 events in St. Petersburg.

6. Work has been started on a book dedicated to the 20th anniversary (in April 2010) of the Leningrad Association of Industrial, Construction, Science, Transport and Communication Enterprises (currently OO SPP SPb and ROR SPP SPb).

7. Over this period, the Regional Union of Employers, St. Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs was entered by 33 organizations, with the total number of members of ROR SPP SPb reaching 96.

8. Developed normative documents for approval at the General Meeting of OO SPP SPb and ROR SPP SPb, which include:

Statutes of OO SPP SPb, new edition;

Statutes and Rules of the General Meeting of OO SPP SPb and ROR SPP SPb;

Statutes of the Presidium of OO SPP SPb and ROR SPP SPb;

Statutes of the Ways and Means Commission of OO SPP SPb and ROR SPP SPb.